Final Fantasy XIV – The Thousands Maws of Toto-Rak Tactics

A guide for dealing with the encounters in Thousands Maws of Toto-Rak, a story dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Activate Confession Chamber Terminal. This is the first objective in this Final Fantasy XIV dungeon. Players will notice that there is another objective right before this one. It’s called Photocells. Throughout the dungeon, players will find these items that can be picked up. The number of collected photocells can be seen in the objectives list. The dungeon also has traps that isolate the player who steps on them so the best thing to do is avoid stepping on the colored glowing areas on the floor. Players will arrive at a room where they need to interact with a terminal to start the encounter. The group will fight against a mini boss that puts a poison debuff on players. It can be dispelled. After the boss is dead, the group needs to interact with the photocells device one more time.

Activate the Fool’s Rest Terminal. This fight is similar to the first one. Players will interact with the terminal and a mini boss just like the one from the first encounter will spawn. The group needs to remember to use the terminal before moving on.

Open the Abacination Chamber Door. This is completed as players advance from the previous objective towards the final boss. On their way to the next objective, players will encounter Fleshy Pods. These should be handled by ranged DPS as they deal damage to anyone nearby.

Defeat Graffias. The encounter starts are soon as players step on the platform so be careful with that. Fleshy Pods are placed on the sides of the room. Ranged players can easily and safely clear them. Graffias has a frontal attack that can be avoided. Final Fantasy XIV Power Leveling Players will be targeted by the boss and have a Fleshy Pod stuck to them. Once again, ranged players can take care of this from a safe distance. Two adds that take priority over the boss spawn. At 50% HP, the boss places an AOE area on the floor. Players need to move out of it and fight the boss’s tail. Once the tail is dead, the fight will resume and players should concentrate on killing it as soon as possible.

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